Roger and Christina

Dr. Roger Smith is a published historian with a Master’s Degree in the field of American History, and a Ph.D. in Early American History and Atlantic World Studies from the University of Florida. Dr. Smith also holds a graduate-level Certificate of Scholarship in the field of Museum Studies. Dr. Smith’s goal is to bring the newest historical research to a general audience through entertaining speaking engagements, publications, stage performances – all while continuing his research into untold stories and history concerning the American Revolution. “History is like a huge jig-saw puzzle and every time that we find something new we get to place a new piece into the puzzle – and believe me, the American Revolution has a lot of missing pieces.” Dr. Smith likes to remind his audiences, “I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma; I’m not from what folks would consider a traditional Revolutionary War region, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. I just don’t like bad history – when, legend is accepted as fact simply because the newest information and research is so often communicated in a way that the average, history-loving person is bored to tears. Personally, I believe that if I haven’t made you laugh then I probably haven’t taught you anything.”

Christina L. Smith, owner and C.E.O. of Colonial Research Associates, Inc., provides 26 years of marketing experience following graduation from California State University at Fullerton. Christina has remained on the cutting edge of the marketing industry throughout her career and is now breaking down paradigms in the publishing industry as a consultant in the field of niche marketing. A native of Boston, Christina caught her future-husband’s eye when she heckled him at the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum where he was explaining to visitors that there were 15 British colonies within the borders of what is now the continental United States. Like most of us, Christina was under the impression that there were only 13 British colonies and she – as any good Bostonian would – called him out on it. The rest is history. Roger and Christina live in St. Augustine (within a mile of their beloved lighthouse!) with two English Bulldogs, Barrel and Hambone.roger-christina