The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

What You Didn’t Learn in Class About the Fountain of Youth!

Thousands of years ago, the property now known as the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park was home to a large Timucua village where the fresh, clean waters and plentiful sources of food offered those living there a healthy home. Over the centuries, the land has changed hands many times, by subjects and citizens of many peoples, empires, and nations. As always, the land has remained constant – only the people have changed. It’s still thriving and healthy, and it’s still one of the most historically important pieces of property in the United States. It was here that America’s story begins. It was here that the people of the land and Europeans first celebrated a feast of Thanksgiving. It was here that the oldest city in the United States was born. And today? The historical and archaeological significance of this property continues to dominate its story, as one family strives keep it as revered today as it was long ago.