Social Studies


“Hope of Freedom: Southern Blacks and the American Revolution”


Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: Grade 4


FL.SS.4.A. American History

SS.4.A.1. Historical Inquiry and Analysis

SS.4.A.1.1 Analyze primary and secondary resources to identify significant individuals and events throughout Florida history.

SS.4.A.1.2 Synthesize information related to Florida history through print and electronic media.

SS.4.A.3.3 Identify the significance of St. Augustine as the oldest permanent European settlement in the United States.

SS.4.A.3.5 Identify the significance of Fort Mose as the first free African community in the United States.

SS.4.A.3.6 Identify the effects of Spanish rule in Florida.

SS.4.A.3.7 Identify nations (Spain, France, England) that controlled Florida before it became a United States territory.


SS.4.A.9. Chronological Thinking

SS.4.A.9.1 Utilize timelines to sequence key events in Florida history.


Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: Grade 7

SS.7.G.2. Understand physical and cultural characteristics of places.

 SS.7.G.2.3 Explain how major physical characteristics, natural resources, climate, and absolute and relative location have influenced settlement, economies, and inter-governmental relations in North America.

 SS.7.G.2.4 Describe current major cultural regions of North America.


SS.7.G.4. Understand the characteristics, distribution, and migration of human populations.

SS.7.G.4.1 Use geographic terms and tools to explain cultural diffusion throughout North America.


Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: Grade 8:

FL.SS.A.1.3. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: The student understands historical chronology and the historical perspective.

FL.SS.A.4.3. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: The student understands United States history to 1880

FL.SS.A.6.3. Time, Continuity, and Change [History]: The student understands the history of Florida and its people.

FL.SS.B.2.3. People, Places, and Environments [Geography]: The student understands the interactions of people and the physical environment.

SS.C.1.3.2. The student understands major ideas about why government is necessary and the purposes government should serve.


Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: Grade 9-12

SS. A.1.4.2 The student identifies and understands themes in history that cross scientific, economic, and cultural boundaries.


SS. A.1.4.2 The student evaluates conflicting sources and materials in the interpretation of a historical event or episode.


SS A.1.4.4 The student uses chronology, sequencing, patterns, and periodization to examine interpretations of an event.


SS A.4.4.2 The student understands how religious, social, political, and economic developments shaped the settlement patterns of the North American colonies.


SS A.4.4.3 The student understands the significant military and political events that took place during the American Revolution.