I had to drop a quick email to say thank you to Dr. Smith.  I’m a 14-year teacher in Palm Beach County (10 years of teaching Advanced Placement U.S. History), and I was in attendance recently at professional development breakout session about Florida’s place in the Revolutionary War.  It is no hyperbole to say it was the best professional development I’ve attended in at least five years.  And I am not the only one who believes so; several of my colleagues were there too, and we all left extremely excited and satisfied.  All too often, presentations have trouble holding our attention, or they aren’t truly applicable to our classes, or even worse, we don’t believe it gave us anything of value.  We all left Dr. Smith’s session with a plethora of stories that we plan on using in class.   Effective educators are always looking to learn new information and stories to share with their students.  After my years of teaching, I consider myself an expert in U.S. History, and still, even I left this session having learned a lot.  Thanks again!


Jonathan Strackman

AP U.S. History Instructor

Park Vista Community High School

Lake Worth, FL 33463

2011 Dwyer Award Winning Teacher

p.s. I’m sending this email because all too often people don’t show appreciation for good jobs.  Usually we contact to complain only.  Having experience in business as well as teaching, I’ve learned all too often people don’t express appreciation enough.


(1st talk at the Amelia Island Museum of History, 5-16-14)


I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your lecture last Friday. Our members enjoyed it immensely, and gave you rave reviews. I told the FHC that it was an excellent program. I hope we can convince you to come back sometime, when we can manage to get another FHC grant. Thank you so much for coming and sharing your knowledge with us.


Gray Edenfield

Education Director

Amelia Island Museum of History


Dr. Smith,

On behalf of the Coquina Veterans and the Coquina Crossing community, I wish to thank you for giving the keynote address last Frida, Memorial Day. Your comments were interesting and informative, and I have received nothing but praise from our community. Kudos to you!

Your historical remarks drew interest and surprise as most of our history teachings did not include much, or none, of what your research revealed. You gave us a bit of perspective the British point of view, and we beings Americans prefer our side of the equation.

When your new book becomes available, you mentioned the possibility of a book signing here in our community. You’re invited. I know you will be well received, and in all likelihood, it would benefit all concerned.

Roger, thanks again. You made our Memorial Day service remarkable.

Say “Hi” to Christina.

Harry Manford

Education Director

Coquina Veterans


Dear Roger,

We thoroughly enjoyed your insightful presentation, and I still marvel at the “new” history you uncovered in all your research. Well done!

Best Wishes to you, Christina, and your Dad,

Wendy Anderson

Executive Director 2013, Jacksonville

National Society of the Colonial Dames of America


Well Roger, you brought down the house today. Everyone loved your talk – this was my favorite program yet! Thank you for coming, (and I am sorry the meeting was so long). What fun to see you again.

I love meeting your father and am so happy he was able to come.

Would you please send title of your upcoming book? We would like to put a notice about it in the Blue Ribbon- and sell it in our shop at the House.

Thank you again for such a wonderful talk.


Susan C. Caven



[Letter to the Executive Director of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America – Georgia]

Hello Connie,

I wanted to tell you about one of the Florida Dames’ favorite speakers, who was the recipient of the Dames’ Distinct 8 scholarship in 2010. His name is Roger Smith [email protected], and is with the research consulting firm of Colonial Research Associates.

He looks at the American Revolution from a totally different point of view. He mesmerized the Dames with his fabulous talk about Colonial American history, how although East Florida was the 14th British colony, there were actually a total of 33 English colonies in the Americas.

He is visiting Savannah in October, in case the Georgia Dames are looking for an entertaining, new speaker. He lives in St Augustine and has taken that town by storm.




Dear Roger and Christina,

We enjoyed your visit immensely. Do keep us apprised of any progress on your book. If you’d be ready for book signings by next year, our 2015 Art Festival/Car Show will take place on the evening of March 27 and all day the 28th. We could also speak with the Elliott Museum, Hutchinson Island, to see if they’ll host a book signing. And perhaps the Flagler Museum might be interested as well.

Best Regards,

John Whitney Payson

Jupiter Island Historical Society


Dear Roger and Christina,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the Palm Beach Town Committee today – and Walker and I last night.  All thoroughly enjoyed your thought-provoking presentation and many are interested in following the ball!

At dinner tonight Walker, Anna Ehlert (your table mate, Roger) and I spent the entire dinner looking up dates and reasons why Florida changed hands.  Who is it that could not think of a different title for a treaty – Treaty of Paris 1763 – Treaty of Paris 1783 – no wonder the historians got mixed up about Florida!   All so very interesting.

We look forward to following all.  It was our pleasure to have time with both of you and we do look forward to visits in the future.  I will provide your information to the Miami Town Committee.


Millicent Duval

Palm Beach Town Committee

National Society for the Colonial Dames of America


Great presentation – if only all knowledgeable historians provided such great presentations.

JP Pochron

Vero Beach, FL.


Thanks again for your engaging presentation this evening. Everyone was raving about it!

Wendi C. Davis


University of West Florida Historic Trust



It was a great event. Lots of very positive comments.

Bonda Garrison

Ormond Beach Historical Society


(Email received following presentation at the Amelia Island Museum of History)


Again, Larry and I enjoyed your presentation…you are a terrific speaker. I’d like to get you to the Jacksonville Historical Society…right away, I hope.

Emily Liska

Executive Director

Jacksonville Historical Society


(2nd talk, Amelia Island Museum of History, 1-16-15)

Hey Roger,

I want to thank you for speaking here last Friday night. We had a great turnout and it was a fantastic lecture. Our crowd absolutely loved it. I hope you’ll come back when the next book comes out, we would love to have you anytime!


Gray Edenfield

Education Director

Amelia Island Museum of History


(Email to the Marion County Social Studies Teachers)

A few weeks ago, Roger led my 1B Freshmen through the Castillo. This was my third year using Roger as a guide. He’s great. You can just forward the Standards you want him to cover and he covers them. Easy cheesy.

Janet Claytor

Vanguard High School


(Letter to the Executive Cabinet of the Florida Association of Social Studies Supervisors)

Greeting executive cabinet,

I have included a link to a local historian here in St. Augustine who is in the process of publishing book related to unique events Florida history. He also makes himself available for speaking opportunities. He is interested in speaking to FASSS about his products. Since he has done a great job working with me on my history fair, I have offered to contact you for him. Please let me know your thoughts.

Travis Brown

Program Specialist

Advanced Programs/Social Studies

Bartram Trail High School